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Get upfront money for college courses at schools accredited by the Department of Education.

After 90 cumulative days of employment you are eligible for:  $3000 each year if you average 30 hours/week or $2500 each year if you average 15 hours/week.

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Earn your high school diploma (not GED) with the nationally accredited Career Online High School program at no cost for eligible restaurant employees.

This benefit is also extended to immediate family of eligible employees


Plan Your Future

Make a plan to succeed with academic advising services designed to save you time and money.

This benefit is also extended to immediate family of eligible employees.

English Langugae Learners.jpg

Learn and practice English.


The English Under the Arches program offers free classes for English Language Learners that teaches essential phrases, as well as reading and writing skills. 

Whether you’re looking to finish your high school diploma, master English language skills, or earn your college degree, a job at McDonald’s can help you plan for success with restaurant employee education programs.

Restaurant employees are now eligible after just 90 days of service, working at least 15 hours per week. The Career Online High School and College Advisory Services are also available for free to our employees’ family members.  Click here to visit McDonald's official Archways to Opportunity website for more details.

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